This blog is dedicated to helping Catherine Evangelista - former Cary Vice Chair of the Wake County Democratic Party in Wake County, NC - decide to run for public office so the rest of Cary or Wake County will see what a delightful person she is to work with. Catherine was removed from office by a 16-5 vote of the Executive Council of the NC Democratic Party, yet she still claims she did nothing to deserve it.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why I created this blog?

Hoping to get Catherine Evangelista - disgraced former Vice Chair of Cary NC for the Wake County Democratic Party - to run for office so that the people of Cary or Wake County NC will get to see her in action and wonder why so many were so blind for so long!

Many people know that she was removed from office by the NC Democratic Party, but she claims that the 16-5 decision was the result of a stacked deck.

Catherine Evangelista is still passing herself off as holding a leadership position with the Wake Dems on the following resume/networking site:

She is also claiming to be on the DNC and still on the Board or an officer of the Democratic Women.


  1. More about Catherine's lateness. I personally feel the lack of punctuality conveys someone does not value my time as much as her own, and she doesn't value my opinions or concerns as much as hers, too. Here are some examples of Catherine Evangelista's punctuality.

    In August 2008, the North Carolina Democratic Party conducted a Council of Review Hearing on a Petition to Remove Catherine Evangelista from Office. After testimony, the council deliberated and they told participants to return in exactly one hour for the decision. When the time arrived, Catherine Evangelista and her party were not present. They arrived nearly fifteen minutes late, and the decision was read without them present. If she is late for something that important, will she make council meetings on time?

    One month later the North Carolina Democratic Party State Executive Council conducted an Appeal Hearing on the Petition to Remove Catherine Evangelista from Office. This time Catherine Evangelista and her party arrived more than ten minutes late for the start of the hearing. The chair already called the roll and gave instructions to the panel by the time Catherine and her party arrived. The chair called the roll again and repeated his instructions to the panel so Catherine could hear them, even though he was not required to.

  2. The Sierra Club’s has made their endorsements for the Cary elections. In the District C race, the Club endorsed nobody — not incumbent James West, not challenger Charles Reisinger. In Cary, Julie Robison, running at-large, and Jack Smith, running in District C, won the group’s backing — they’re both incumbents. In District A, it was another no-endorsement call: Neither Jennifer Robinson, the incumbent, nor any of her trio of challengers (Lori Bush, Cynthia Sinkez, Terry Thorne) earned its favor. The club endorsed Jack Smith in the 2005 election and were sticking with him according to Ed Clayton, Chair of the political endorsement committee.

    The Sierra Club was right in just ignoring her. The problem is she never goes away. Maybe since her husband has retired they will move back to Alaska and she can join Sarah Palin in her efforts.